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Your Go-To Platform for Effortless Internal Talent Matching in Construction. Locate employees effortlessly, reduce skill identification time, secure winning bids, and ensure timely project completion.

Finding the right talent for each phase of a construction project is often a cumbersome and inefficient process. Traditional methods can lead to lost bids, project delays, increased costs, and turnover.

A Powerful Search Engine

For the complexity of talent in the construction industry.

A Powerful Search Engine

Key Features

Solving problems for:

HR Mavericks

Stuck on a reactive HR hamster wheel, lost in data silos, bombarded with last-minute talent requests, scrambling to fill gaps instead of anticipating needs, constantly putting out fires while organizational culture development remains on hold.

This is how Silo-In can help:

Ditch the guessing game. It’s like having a superpower to see every skill and experience your team has got. No more guesswork, just perfect matches!
Forget exorbitant fees and endless resumes. Find the perfect fit within your own walls, faster than ever. Hidden gems? Discovered. External costs? Slashed.
Stay ahead of the talent shuffle and build a future-ready force. Get the lowdown on who might be waving goodbye soon. Plan ahead, keep your company going
Forget awkward square pegs in round holes. Fit the right people in the right project slots. It’s like Tetris, but for talent management.

Construction Teams

Lost in the talent maze, Ops Managers scramble to plug skill gaps and untangle knowledge knots, watching profits vanish with every missed deadline.

This is how Silo-In can help:

Build dream teams in a heartbeat, no more calendar contortions. Experience the smooth, efficient flow of swift project staffing.
Forget crystal balls, we’ve got data-driven magic. Predict upcoming needs before they even appear. Be prepared, not surprised.
Match skills to projects like a pro. It’s like having a magic wand for perfect team assembly.
See through time and schedules. Get a crystal-clear view of who’s ready to roll, instantly. Decisions made? Check. Delays avoided? Double check.

Go-Getter Employees

Struggling to navigate a maze of fragmented software and siloed teams, employees lack access to internal expertise for project challenges, face limitations in exploring opportunities, and find their talents going unnoticed.

This is how Silo-In can help:

Showcase your skills and get noticed. It’s your time to shine in the company.

See where you’re rocking and where you can level up. Your career game, your rules.
Stuck on a project snag? Find your in-house hero with just a few clicks. It’s a collaboration like never before.
Transparent and fair – that’s how we roll with project assignments. No favorites, just the right fit.

Proposal Gurus and Biz Dev Ninjas

Blindfolded by incomplete career narratives, we stumble through resumes and departmental hurdles, searching for the perfect puzzle piece. Proposals falter, competitiveness dwindles, and diverse possibilities vanish like smoke signals.

This is how Silo-In can help:

Ditch the hours spent sifting through past proposals. Got a killer proposal to write? Pull up the profiles that’ll make your bid shine.

Our platform keeps talent availability current, eliminating those pesky back-and-forths. Focus on closing deals, not chasing calendars. Save hours, win more clients.

Don’t let “we’ve never done that before” hold you back. Our platform unlocks the hidden expertise within your team, revealing talent with skills you didn’t know existed.

Silo-In is more than a tool

It’s a strategic ally in the construction industry. It’s designed to simplify and enrich your work experience, blending smart technology with user-friendly features. Ready for a workplace transformation?

Silo-In is here to deliver.


Our founder has truly been in the trenches of the construction world.

They’re an insider who’s spent 15 years immersing themselves in the construction world, traversing roles in HR, Talent Acquisition, Operations, and product innovation. This isn’t a tale of climbing the corporate ladder; it’s a narrative of delving deep into the industry’s real, gritty challenges. They’ve walked miles in the boots of an HR pro, an ops collaborator, and built products for construction teams. Trust us, they’ve felt the pain of trying to find that elusive perfect talent match, navigating those pesky gaps and blind spots that often turn talent scouting into a wild goose chase.


Use Something Impactful

Wave goodbye to searching  endless emails, outdated spreadsheets, and disjointed software. Silo-In is crafted to transform how you discover and utilize talent in the construction industry. It’s like having a high-powered searchlight, making every employee’s skills and experience brightly visible, cutting down on search time, and paving the way to win more bids.

Our platform seamlessly slots into your existing tech environment, erasing the hassle of data migration nightmares.

Think of Silo-In as a natural extension of your tech ecosystem. It’s intuitive, it’s smart, and it’s all about injecting fun and ease into your workday. Ready to step into the future of Talent data?​

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